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Mad Tea Musings

Tea of the Week for December 11, 2017: Cinnamon Marzipan Black Tea!

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 Cinnamon Marzipan Black Tea!

Tea Description: This tea was inspired by the Dylan Thomas poem, "A Child's Christmas in Wales." In the poem, the narrator/young boy lists presents received on Christmas Morning. Well, two lists, actually. A list of "useful presents" as well as a list of "useless presents." Among the useless presents, the boy rattled off some of the many different sweets that were received on Christmas.

As a side note, someone needs to talk to this "child" and explain that useless presents shouldn't include sweets. 

Among the many sweets listed in the poem was marzipan. Now, confession time:  I'm not all that crazy about marzipan. On it's own, I find it to be entirely too sweet. For example, those little fruits or potatoes shaped out of marzipan? Yeah, not crazy about those because they're way too sweet for me. 

However, I love the filling in an almond Kringle. In fact, Kringle is definitely in like, my top 3 when it comes to favorite pastry. Probably the only thing that tops it for me is an Eclair unless you consider a macaron a 'pastry' - I don't. I consider macarons to be cookies. Yes, cookies! Very expensive cookies. 

Anyway, it's my understanding that the filling in an almond Kringle is essentially a thin layer of marzipan (almond paste) that's been spread in between the layers of pastry dough. I'm no pastry chef - but I can do a wicked google search and this is the information with which google has enlightened me. And as I said above, I love Kringle, so I guess I do like marzipan when it's a part of something else - I just don't like it when it's on it's own. And even if I don't like marzipan on it's own, I figured I'd probably love a marzipan inspired tea because - tea makes everything better. It does. It really does!

I started with a base of black teas: Ceylon, Assam and some golden Yunnan. Then I added some essence to create a marzipan-like taste and some calendula petals to make it pretty.

After I took the first taste test of the marzipan tea, I really enjoyed it because it proved my theory that tea does in fact make everything better. It tasted like marzipan - or at least, it tasted like the creamy filling inside a Kringle. However, I felt like it needed something more - it needed another dimension of flavor - so I added a little bit of cinnamon. The cinnamon isn't a strong note - it's very subtle - but it manages to offer the palate some welcome contrast to the strong honey and almond notes.

So here it is: the tea inspired by "A Child's Christmas in Wales" - a Cinnamon Marzipan tea! It's sweet and more-ish - and I do believe this one's gonna end up being a big hit because YUM!!!

organic ingredients: black teas, cinnamon, calendula petals & natural flavors

I'm on about my third taste 'test' of this tea. I call it a 'test' in quotation because, I'm not really tasting it, I just am enjoying it a lot more than I expected to! As I mentioned in the above description of this tea, I've never been a big fan of marzipan on it's own so the idea of a marzipan tea didn't really inspire me a lot - until I tasted it. I may not be a fan of marzipan on it's own, but when it's part of a smooth, well-rounded black tea base, I'm loving it! 

(I also mentioned above that it's definitely more-ish!!!)

The cinnamon here isn't meant to be a strong note, and it isn't. I find that what it does is cut through just a bit of the honey sweetness and adds some contrast to the nutty tones of the almond. It's very subtle. 

This is really quite lovely - I love how well this tea came together!

to brew: use give the pouch a gentle shake to incorporate the ingredients. use 3g of tea to 12 ounces of nearly boiling (205°F) water. let steep for 2 1/2 minutes. strain and let cool for about 10 minutes. 

This tea has a pleasant sweetness on it's own so no sweetener is really needed to enjoy it. However, it's also quite pleasant with a wee bit of sugar. I found that a half teaspoon of sugar added some definition to the honey notes and brought out the almond-y quality to the overall 'marzipan' experience. 

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