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Mad Tea Musings

Tea of the Week for February 20, 2017: Razzleberry Rooibos!

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 Razzleberry Rooibos!

Tea Description:  Here at 52Teas, we've had a few different variations on the Razzleberry (Raspberry & Blackberry) flavor - and they've all been so delicious that I see no reason why we should stop exploring all that's Razzleberry! This time, we've flavored a combination of organic green and red rooibos. The result is a slightly tart, deliciously sweet berry tea that's naturally caffeine free! 

The base is light, slightly fruity with hints of nutty warmth. The berry flavor is bright and tempting! Tasty!

organic ingredients: green rooibos, red rooibos, blackberries, raspberries and natural flavors.

Mmm! This is really quite tasty!

I like how the warm, softly honeyed flavor of the red rooibos works together with the light, crisp flavor of the green rooibos to provide a background that is not intrusive to the sweet-tart flavors of raspberry and blackberry. It's not a heavy-tasting tea - it's rather refreshing. 

This is a tea that is enjoyable any time of day. Something that would go well as an iced tea at lunchtime or served hot as a late-night drink that won't keep you up past bedtime.

The blackberry and raspberry are pretty evenly flavored - neither one seems more prominent than the other - it truly is a seemless 'razzleberry' flavor that plays top note over the rooibos. The green rooibos softens the stronger flavor of the rooibos, leaving it to add just a hint of honey-nutty flavor in the cup without it overwhelming the razzleberry notes. Very gentle yet flavorful.

To brew:  I recommend using 1 1/2 teaspoons - 2 teaspoons of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 190˚F) and let steep for 6 - 10 minutes (I went with 8 minutes) - really, because it's rooibos, you can let it keep on steeping just as long as you like without worry of bitterness. But 8 minutes gives a really strong, pleasant flavor without making you wait too long for a lovely cuppa! 

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