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Tea of the Week for April 3, 2017: Pineapple Peach Green Tea!

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 Pineapple Peach Green Tea!

Tea Description: This Zomba Steamed green tea from the Satemwa Estate in Malawi seems to lend itself nicely to fruit flavors, particularly citrus-y fruit flavors. So I didn't want to stray too far from that flavor profile with this blend - but I did want something a little different this time around so I decided to go with pineapple which isn't a citrus fruit but it has that sweet-tart quality that I often associate with citrus so I thought it would be a nice change of pace and a flavor that would play nicely with the Zomba Steamed tea.

To pair with the pineapple notes, I wanted something sweet and smooth - but something a little unexpected. Let's face it, it's not every day that you find pineapple and peach paired together in the same tea - so I went there with this blend. It's a simple recipe of two fruit flavors - but when they're put together with this refreshing green tea from Malawi - it's a winning combination! 

ingredients: fair trade green tea, organic peaches, organic pineapple and organic natural flavors

Wow! This tea is really, really good!

As I mentioned in the above description - I wanted something similar to citrus but something a little different too. So I went with pineapple which isn't a citrus - but it's similar enough to citrus to work with the Zomba Steamed green tea base. And you know what? I think this may be my favorite Zomba Steamed green tea blend that I've made yet. The flavors are clear and unmistakable - they're sweet, a little bit tangy and really well balanced. The pineapple and peach don't compete with one another here, instead, they work in harmony to create a delightful fruit flavor combination that is familiar yet different enough that you don't find it every day. 

The pineapple is sweet and just a little bit tart and the peach offers a pleasantly smooth sweetness that softens the pineapple. 

I tried my first cup of this hot - resteeped the leaves (nice resteep too!) and I really enjoyed it as a warm beverage - but I think that this tea truly shines as an iced tea. (Cold-brewing works splendidly with this tea!) And it's getting closer to iced tea weather - so you might want to grab a pouch of this!

to brew: These leaves are rather large and curly - and difficult to confine to a measuring spoon! So I recommend using a teaspoon from your cutlery drawer (the kind you might use to stir your tea!) and measure out a heaping teaspoon of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (180°F) and let steep for just over 2 minutes (I went with 2 minutes, 15 seconds). Strain and let cool for 5 minutes before you start sipping. Enjoy!

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