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Taste Test: Graveyard Mist (Yep - again!)

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If I were ever asked in an interview which tea do I get the most requests to reblend - the answer would be easy: Graveyard Mist! So I really must admit that I was a little surprise that this tea didn't win in a landslide after last year's poll for the 12 Teas of Christmas. Nevertheless, this tea does have a rather big following so I decided to reblend it. Enjoy!

Graveyard Mist!

Tea Description: This is one of the big fan favorites!

Here's the original description:

"Have you ever stopped to enjoy the cool quiet of an old cemetery on a fall evening? Ever stayed to watch the evening mist roll in? Maybe stayed overnight on a dare and found yourself waking in the wet grass to the vision of sunlight slipping through the vanishing mist?

Me either, but that's kind of what this tea reminds me of.

Part Chinese sencha, part Yun Wu (Cloud Mist), with marshmallow root, spearmint and natural marshmallow, spearmint and a hint of malt flavors, this is a smooth, silky experience with the sweet pique of spearmint subdued and made ghost-like--subtle, but haunting."

Since this is one of those long-time faves. we didn't want to alter it, so we stuck to the recipe.

organic ingredients: green teas, marshmallow root, dried spearmint leaves, natural flavors

As I mentioned above, this tea is the one I get the most reblend requests for so I felt like it was about time to reblend it.

I stayed true to the recipe for this one - and the result is a lovely, refreshing tea of marshmallow and spearmint. It's crisp and clean tasting from the mint but the mint doesn't overwhelm the soft, fluffy taste of marshmallow or the delicate grassy notes from the green tea. Sweet and delicious.

I'm not going to go overboard with the prose here - this is Graveyard Mist and this is my third (or possibly fourth - I've lost count!) reblend of this tea thus far and I've been doing this thing for less than 2 years! So yeah, it's popular. I'll probably be reblending this again sometime next year. But until then, this will have to tide you over - so get yours while the getting's good!

to brew: I recommend using 1 teaspoon of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F) for 2 1/2 minutes. I used to suggest just 2 minutes, but as long as the temperature of the tea isn't over 180°F - an extra 30 seconds shouldn't result in a bitter tea but it will result in a more flavorful one. After the steep, strain and let cool for at least 5 minutes to let the flavors develop. Enjoy!

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